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During the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020, I decided that I would learn how to use Fusion 360 to create my own lighting fixtures designed for live events. I thought that I should upload them to the web as other people in the industry might benefit from their use post pandemic. I gained inspiration from large scale shows that contained a barrage of new and exiting technology that I wanted to simplify and replicate for use on smaller shows.  

Also for anyone interested, I thought I should give the project a name so I called it Impression LED.  Impression.harrylb.co.uk is a sub domain of harrylb.co.uk which is the domain I use for business emails and  anything I want to host online. If you are interested in some of my other projects, visit  harrylb.co.uk  and have a look around. Thanks.

Take a look at my designs that are available to print

About Costume

 This particular design has costumes in mind. It has two holes on either side of the LED to sew it to your garment. It can be sealed using a clear epoxy resin to ensure that it becomes waterproof. It can be daisy chained connecting power and data to the output from the previous light.  By taking advantage of w2812b LEDs, you have RGB capability with just 3 wires.  they can also be powered and controlled wirelessly Using an off the shelf controller.

Click here to watch a video about how I Make Costume LEDs .


This design is inspired by the pixel arrays used at the London Olympics in 2012. this grid of 9 fully addressable and controllable LEDs can either be used as a standalone fixture or as an array forming a large screen . This fixture, like my other designs, can be controlled using off the shelf equipment and powered by any 5V power supply (providing that it can supply the right amount of power). I have been working on an improved version that is now available to download and print. It has a smaller footprint resulting in reduced print times.

visit the download page to download the files!


Set Pixels are split into 3 pieces consisting of a base, diffuser and a faceplate. The diffuser (printed in a translucent or transparent filament) is encapsulated into the base and faceplate. This allows the  exterior to be painted to match the set providing the right type of paint is used.

visit the download page to download the files!

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