Impression control is based on open source software and development boards combined to make a cost effective ArtNet/sACN node. These are small and can be configured to output DMX and WS2812 control signals to control lights and LED matrixes. My primary design is for general use. Other designs can be made incredibly small and adaptable  for each application.

Also for anyone interested, I thought I should give the project a name so I called it Impression Control.  Impression.harrylb.co.uk is a sub domain of harrylb.co.uk which is the domain I use for business emails and  anything I want to host online. If you are interested in some of my other projects, visit  harrylb.co.uk  and have a look around. Thanks.

Take a look at my designs you can print. they might come in handy!


As previously mentioned, Impression control is based on open source development boards and components. The primary controller is often an IOT (Internet of things) board called NodeMCU. This board includes an ESP8266 chip which is the actual component that drives the output of control signals.  They are readily available from most online retailers like Amazon and EBay and are incredibly versatile. The software /firmware was created by a lighting technician that goes by the name mtongnz online. Without his open code, this project wouldn’t be possible.

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All hardware for this project is Freely Available. most is non specific,  off the shelf components that most electronic hobbyists will already have. As mentioned before, the main board, a NodeMCU, handles the data generation and connection. However, there are some extra components needed to  make all the features work properly. DMX output relies on a MAX485 Chip that can be bought as a single component or as a development board to make quick connections easier. Having individual boards can also make maintenance and repairs much easier. The case is 3d printed and is highly customisable. You don’t need to buy different adapters to connect different ports to the unit. simply  print another I/O back plate.

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Downloads Hardware

This project has many outlets for both consumers and professional applications. Consumers who create their own custom effects for holiday lighting have an easily repeatable controller. This can be placed nearly anywhere providing power and a decent wifi connection (including outside) with some basic case modifications. Professional applications include controlling specials, lighting fly bars and light testing similar to city theatricals DMX cat.

Click HERE  to Download the print files  to make your own.

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