Production And Media Portfolio Projects

Impression LED is a project I started during the Coronavirus pandemic during 2020. The aim is to bring specials to anyone who wishes to use them. This includes building LEDs into set pieces and costumes plus some extra fixtures to dazzle the audience!

Impression control is based on open source software and development boards. When combined, they make a cost effective ArtNet/sACN node. These are small and can be configured to output DMX and WS2812 control signals to control lights and LED matrices.  

I have been in full-time education for the past 2 years at CAPA College. During this time, I have worked on many in-house and external productions. In addition, we have worked on other creative mini projects.

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Whilst I have been at CAPA, I have also completed a range of multimedia and digital design projects. Some of which have been used for advertising content and web assets. Some have even been shown during digital media festivals.

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In the making Contact Me

I’m Currently working on a project I’m calling Impression SFX. I am experimenting with silicone rubber and specialist resins to make my own Breakaway/Stunt props. It’s a really exiting project that I’m really looking forward to developing.

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